About “Nitty Gritty Studios”

I grew up in a home that had a delegated space where I was allowed to create and explore from a very young age.  At my art table, I was allowed to be messy and immerse myself in the creative process.  I have always thought of my art making process as immersive and gritty. I grew up hearing the phrase “let’s get down to the nitty gritty” and I imagined the only way to do this was by literally dipping my hands into the “grit.”  I still feel that what drives me to create is the anticipation of the physical contact with my materials.

After completing my BFA, I decided Nitty Gritty Studios would be the name of my studio business.  “Let’s get down to the nitty gritty” is my daily slogan as I begin my work. Nitty Gritty Studios is a place where art work emerges from a heavy-handed battle where failures and successes exist in each surface. In recent years, I have felt mis-aligned with artists that work in a minimal way as a spiritual statement.  I adore iconic imagery, but I believe everything leaves a record of itself in the universe and that simplicity is cradled by overwhelming history of activity.

In my work, I’m sifting through that overwhelming activity and it always feels like hard work.  I don’t know if my work will ever appear effortless, but my studio practice is a celebration of the manual creative effort.